IU-Illinois Through Social Media

Posted: January 28, 2011 by drunkonsports in Uncategorized
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Last night’s Hoosier victory over Illinois will be a memory fans will never let go. The emotion inside the “mecca” that is Assembly Hall just brings chills down your spine. While you can’t even try to replicate the feeling you get, social media has its own way of preserving the emotion.

The Students

The Media

The Images

It was a night unlike any other in Bloomington.

-Joshua Bowles-

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  2. justinhoosiers says:

    Wow. What a win on Thursday. It just proves to me and most other IU fans that this program is headin in the right direction. On ESPN the other day Dickie V said that IU will turn the corner. That’s a positive statement from one of the best broadcasters in the game. I too saw that video of Crean in the lobby Josh and that’s really cool to see. It’s nice to have a coach that interacts with the fans as much as Crean does. I love him as a coach and I really think after we get through all this mess, Coach Crean will be here for the rest of his career. After all, ITS INDIANA! ITS INDIANA!

    Oh and as for us rushing the court, let it happen. First ranked win of the Crean tenure. Let the kids celebrate. They deserve it after all of their hard work and coming so close so many times. It was nice to see them pull out a win for once.

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