Tom Crean and IU?

Posted: January 30, 2011 by yhk2 in Uncategorized

Tom Crean, officially recruited to IU on April 2nd, 2008 was something IU needed desperately. Indiana University men’s basketball team has some great history and achievements in the past but in the recent years, they didn’t have much success. Tom Crean averaged 20 wins a season in 9 years at Marquette and has achieved enough to make a difference in IU. Crean built the Marquette basketball’s program one of the best since 2001 and his enthusiasm to the game is unlike any headcoach IU had in the past years.

He has some great ability of scouting and recruiting players, where he saw Verdell Jones III, Christian Watford, and Maurice Creek. Especially, freshman Maurice Creek was one of top rookie scorer until he had a season end knee injury in his 12th game. Since Tom Crean has arrived to IU, his record is respectively, 6-25, 10-21, and currently 10-8. Even though he didn’t have major success as soon as he came to IU, IU was in the process of rebuilding after letting Eric Gordon and DJ White go to the NBA.

There wasn’t a significant improvement in the record but the game played by IU wasn’t as bad as the record says. IU had some close games against great teams but there ability to close out games wasn’t good enough. So was Tom Crean a good fit for the IU program? I say it is debatable. I’m not a huge fan of IU basketball because I honestly don’t want to see our school losing every single time. That’s why I’m not a huge fan of Tom Crean as well. Even though they’re getting Cody Zeller next year, a top 12 prospect in the nation, I think we lack size. Cody Zeller is 6’11” but he is not a defensive force. I believe defense wins basketball games and I don’t think IU has that defensive mind to win games.

I understand the first year because it was his first year and it was a rebuilding season. But the second season and the current season is fairly disappointing. The only Tom Crean’s excuse will be they did not have good players coming to IU. In 2011, we get Cody Zeller and in 2012, we get some great prospects such as Hanner Perea and Yogi Ferrell. If there is not significant improvement, then it will be really questionable if Tom Crean really fits with IU.


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