Super Bowl Sunday

Posted: February 6, 2011 by drunkonsports in Uncategorized

As I sit here with about four hours until the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, I can’t help but look at the big picture. This is basically a holiday across the United States. 69% of Americans will watch the game according a Harris Interactive poll. Millions will meet up at a party with family or friends and chow down on Nachos and Pizza. Others will go to the bars decked out in their team’s colors and drink until the final play. Other than maybe a World Cup Final in competing countries, where else do you see something like this?

So why does the NFL do such a great job in making the Super Bowl into a spectacle?

1. One Game to Rule Them All.

There is one obvious difference between the NFL and the other top sports organizations in the United States. The NFL is the only championship decided by a single game. The NHL, NBA, and MLB all have a best of seven format which can lessen the importance of each game from a fan’s perspective. As a player, if you lose the first game, you have multiple chances to redeem yourself. If you lose the Super Bowl, the season is over. By putting so much importance on a single game, everyone must watch.

2. Commercialization to the Max.

What is one thing that comes to mind when you think about the Super Bowl that really has nothing to do with football? The answer is commercials. The NFL and its sponsors have found a way to make the dullest part of watching something on TV into a feature of its own. The advertising companies basically have their own competition during the game to make the best, or well lets be honest, funniest commercial.

3. Social Media Interaction

While social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been around for multiple Super Bowls at this point, I am excited to see what people come up with for Super Bowl XLV. An event like this where so many eyes are going to be locked in on the same thing leads to an infinite number of opinions and observations. Each and every play and commercial will be commented on and critiqued in real-time. Companies need to be paying attention to their consumers as the event goes on or they will quickly fall behind.

So here is to a great Super Bowl Sunday for everyone. May the game be exciting, the commercials be hilarious, and hopefully Antonio Cromartie will say something stupid again on Twitter.

-Joshua Bowles


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