A new NBA summer playoff approaching

Posted: February 13, 2011 by yhk2 in Parody

According to the NBA commissioner David Stern, there is going to be a new summer playoffs for the NBA teams. The playoff is called BPC, aka Beer Pong Championship and the rules were announced on February 10th by David Stern. The  BPC will start on July 1st and the seeding will be determined by the regular season records. The rules are simple.

The 2011 BPC:

1) All 30 teams in the NBA will participate

2) It will be a single game elimination

3) The worst record in the regular season will be granted first seed

4) Each team will select three best players who shoots and drinks the best

5) Players must be over 21 years old

6) Each team will have 21 cups of beer in front of their table

7) The cups between the 2 teams will be 3 feet apart

8 ) The basic same beer pong rule will be inserted

9) The finals will be against the best team in the East and West.

10) The finals will be a three game series


The best team from the East will be Miami Heat and the best team from the West will be Phoenix Suns. I think the Miami Heat will win it all for the BPC in 2011. LeBron James will be frustrated losing again to the Boston Celtics this year and will be saying, “I mean, we’re the Miami Heat. We should at least win it all in the BPC.” The Phoenix Suns have great shooters such as Steve Nash, Jared Dudley, and Goran Dragic. But I feel they wouldn’t be able to drink as much as the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” in a three game series.

Miami Heat wins 3-1.


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