Surprising 2012 Olympic Swimmer

Posted: February 13, 2011 by justinhoosiers in Parody
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In a shocking new release, actor and comedian Will Ferrell came out publicly to the media last week and said that he has been training really hard to be a swimmer in the 2012 Olympic games. This whole idea started when Ferrell and Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps started talking about who would win in a race where their country was on the line. Ferrell is extremely confident that he can take all of Phelps medals from him. “I would beat Michael in any kind of swimming race that he would feel up to. And it wouldn’t even be close,” Ferrell said last night.











Will Ferrell right before one of his workouts out in Southern Cali earlier this month. As you can see in the background, he already has a pretty respectable following of people who come out to watch him.

With the Olympics just a little over a year away does Ferrell have enough time to train? “He has plenty of time. It doesn’t take nearly as long as people think to get in shape. It’s all about mechanics. But I’m not scared of him at all,” said Michael Phelps. We’re not sure how Ferrell will do in the Olympics but surely it’ll be as entertaining, if not more, than Anchorman.


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