Twitter and the Sport Universe: NBA Trade Deadline

Posted: February 26, 2011 by yhk2 in Uncategorized


The 2011 NBA Trade deadline ended on February 24th 3:00PM ET and I personally thought it was one of the craziest deadlines in years. The last hour right before the trade deadline ended, there were a lot of trades that happened and I thought it was just crazy on how there were so many trades happening.

I’ve recently started Twitter and I’ll be honest, I am not that familiar with Twitter as I am with Facebook. When I first started Twitter, I thought to myself, why would people do Twitter when they can do Facebook and do a status update just like what Twitter does. But I learned there is definitely a reason why people use Twitter after experiencing the trade deadline using this social media. I started following some ESPN and sports columnist such as Bill Simmons and Chad Ford and I found it interesting on how fast they give news to the public. Obviously, they have better sources than us because all we can rely on is the internet to find out who got traded or any other sports  news. Chad Ford and Bill Simmons was approximately five to ten minutes faster than any internet sources such as or I’ve realized how Twitter can be a great source for those who are seeking fast and updated news. They don’t just give out news, as sports columnist, they give out their personal opinions as well and I could understand what is going on and how sports columnist are thinking about the current news.

I also started following some sports athletes such as Ron Artest, LeBron James, Lamar Odom, and Dwight Howard. These professional sports athletes were talking about their thoughts on what’s happening in the news, personal promotions, and about their lives. I think sometimes what sports athletes tweets can lead to drama. For example, LeBron James tweeted about his former team Cleveland Cavaliers after they lost to the Lakers by 54 points. He tweeted “Crazy. Karma is a bit**.. Gets you everytime. It’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God see’s everything!” This is basically about how Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wished bad luck on LeBron and now the Cavaliers are getting payed for wishing bad luck on him by losing by a big margin to the Lakers. This tweet definitely lead to drama and the media treated it with controversy.

I think Twitter has more of a positive side than negative affects towards the media. It might cause some drama by having pro athletes tweeting about controversial opinions, but I think it is a good source of news for the people who are seeking the fasted news for the public.


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