It’s all for the best

Posted: February 27, 2011 by justinhoosiers in Uncategorized

There are numerous reasons why I am so for athletes on Twitter. Regardless of their stance on social media, it’s such a plus for athletes to have a Twitter/facebook account or whatever other sites they could find. Check out this vid


Athletes have the ability to reach out to fans for good causes just by the amount of followers that they have. Chad Ochocinco has close to 2,000,000 followers on twitter. If he promotes one cause and asks people to donate. A good number of them probably will.

“@tpolamalu #PennState students are dancing for 46 hours – Help the fight to end pediatric cancer. Donate at #THON#FTK
This is a tweet that was sent to Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu that he retweeted because it’s a cause he believes in. Troy along with other athletes also take part in TwitChange which basically raises money for numerous things.
tpolamalu Troy Polamalu
“Thanks to thousands of YOU we raised $132,500 today for the troops @TwitChange and @OOIAL

As you can see, in 1 day they raised that much money. Reasons like this are exactly why I believe that it’s a good thing that athletes have twitter.


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