New manager in Town for the Dodgers!

Posted: March 7, 2011 by yhk2 in Uncategorized


Don Mattingly, the new manager for the LA Dodgers is in town and the camp for the Dodgers feel different than any other. The dodgers tasted failure last season even when they started well with 25-18, but then the team got destroyed in defense and eventually losing hope for the playoffs. But this spring, a lot of Dodgers showed up early to camp, and they are working harder and diligently. According to general manager Ned Colletti, he thinks his team this spring came out with the sense of urgency and they have been practicing harder and looked concentrated.

Don Mattingly has great relationships with the players. He communicates well and lets the team know what to do in exact situations. When Mattingly played his entire 14 year career in the New York Yankees, he was famous for having great relationships with his teammates and received extreme amount of respect. Ned Colletti, the GM of the LA Dodgers said, “The same qualities that made him a great player will help him as a manager.”

This team has tasted success before with this roster where over the past four seasons, the Dodgers has reached the National League Championship Series. They have won the NL West before with excellent pitching and defense and the core members of the roster have not changed. They still have Kershaw who is an excellent pitcher and the teams rotation dept have improved and having young core Dodgers such as Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Chad Billingsley, the Dodgers don’t have to be a dynamic offensive team. Their pitching and defense will win games and lead them once again to the National League Championship Series.


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