Butler?! AGAIN?

Posted: March 27, 2011 by justinhoosiers in NCAA Tournament

As I sit here and watch Marcus Morris getting all Kansas’ points and VCU trying to stay in the game early (Nevermind they just took the lead), I can’t help think about how great of a tournament this has been. This has probably been my 2nd favorite tournament of all time right behind Indiana’s amazing run in 2002 with a coach barely anybody knew anything about. I can remember Indiana’s exact run to the National Title game. Started with us being the only 5 seed in the tournament to win their opening round game by just stomping Utah. We then went on to play UNC-Wilmington (scary game) and then Duke in that amazing game that I’ll never forget. A.J. Moye will forever be my favorite Indiana basketball player of all time. Then we played Kent State, Oklahoma, and then of course we lost to Maryland. That tournament will never be forgotten in my mind. We just came out of nowhere and it was awesome to watch.

I’m going to remember this tournament for some of the same reasons. I haven’t previously been a Butler fan but I have to admit, after seeing them march to their 2nd straight Final Four after struggling in the beginning of the season, I often find myself cheering for them. I also hate Kentucky will all my heart but I found myself happy when they beat Ohio State because I never expected it. I love when underdogs win. That’s why I don’t think I’ll ever forget this tournament. There have been so many unbelievable wins in this tournament that nobody ever saw coming! Anyone else watching this VCU game right now? I doubt they hang on to be honest but then again I’ve been saying that this whole tournament and teams have been proving me wrong. VCU is now on a 20-6 run. I can barely type this because I’m afraid to look away for one second because this tournament has been that good. My favorite moment from the tournament this year comes in picture form that I think you all will enjoy as well.

This picture isn’t about Robbie Hummel crying. I just love the score. I love that Purdue got what was coming to them. That loss doesn’t look so bad now as VCU is killing Kansas, but it was still a Purdue loss. Which I love. Regardless of who ends up winning this tournament, it has definitely been an enjoyable one to watch. Quality games. Quality announcers. Quality coverage. Overall this was just an amazing tournament. Hopefully the rest of it is just as enjoyable.


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