Upset: Duke VS Arizona Sweet 16

Posted: March 28, 2011 by yhk2 in Uncategorized

As a huge fan of the NCAA Men’s basketball, I think this years tournament is unique in a sense. The teams that made the final four are Virginia Commonwealth, University of Connecticut, Butler, and University of Kentucky. There was a lot of upsets in this tournament, as no number one seed from tournament made it to the final four. Out of the upsets, I personally thought the Duke VS Arizona in Sweet 16 was the most impressive win. Even though Arizona has star player Derrick Williams, Duke players better than Arizona as a team and most analyst predicted Duke will win and make it to the final four. As professional analyst predicted, Derrick Williams had a monster half as he scored 24 points and single handedly carried the Wildcats only down by six points.

After I saw the half, I had two thoughts in mind: Derrick Williams is amazing. The other is, Duke is playing better as a team than Arizona and usually if you better as a team, then you win games. But when I saw the first half, I was amazed how Derrick Williams’s teammates stepped up and outplayed and outscored the Blue Devils by 55:33 in the second half. The top seeded Blue Devils were sent back from a regional semifinal for second time in three years.

After seeing Virginia Commonwealth beating Kansas University (another number one seed) today, I feel this years final four is unpredictable. As a huge fan, I am looking forward for this years final four and championship which will be held April 2nd and 4th respectively at Houston.


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