Four Teams remain in March Madness

Posted: April 1, 2011 by yhk2 in Uncategorized

Finally, four teams have remained in March Madness and there are certainly full of surprises. Virginia Commonwealth University’s improbable run started when they defeated USC to clicn the No. 11 seed in the tournament and then beated Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State, and the number one seed Kansas University respectively to enter the Final Four. The No. 8 seed Butler Bulldogs reached their second straight Final Four as they beated Old Dominion, the number one seed Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, and Florida respectively. Last year, Butler lost disappointedly to Duke in the championship match and they are looking for revenge to win it all in 2011. Kemba Walker and the University Connecticut have been playing outstanding. They beat Bucknell, Cincinnati, San Diego State, and Derrick Williams’s Arizona Wildcats respectively to reach the Final Four. The team is expecting their star player Kemba Walker to step up and win their third national titles. University of Kentucky beat Princeton, West Virginia, the number one seed Ohio State, and UNC to enter their 14th NCAA Final Four and looking for eighth national title.

Kentucky is facing UConn and Butler is facing VCU in the Final Four at Houston and the fans are expecting some more surprises and upsets to make things interesting. Personally, I think Butler will win it all this year as they are thirty from last years defeat in the national championship against Duke. Butler will be the one coming off desparately and I believe having that sense of urgency in the game helps win basketball games. For example, after the LA Lakers lost in the NBA Finals in 2008 against the Celtics, the Lakers came out of sense of urgency the next season to beat the Magics to win it all. I believe this will be the case for Butler and they will win it all as the 2011 National Champions.


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