25 PPG, 7.7 assists per game, 4.1 rebounds and countless charges led late in games this season, Derrick Rose has singlehandedly brought the Bulls back to prominence. The number one seed in the east. Who saw that one coming at the beginning of the season? Certainly not me. I thought the Heat had it locked up, with ease. The Bulls and mostly MVP Derrick Rose have taken the reigns in the east and look to continue their tough play throughout the playoffs. They will have to heavily rely on Rose though if they want a shot at the ship.

Every season that the Bulls have won 60+ games, they have won the championship. That’s a pretty impressive statistic and one that I don’t think is going to change this year. As good of a player as Rose is, he has a ton of talent around him. Guys like Luol Deng, Joakhim Noah, and Carlos Boozer make Derrick’s job that much easier. It’s easier to have an MVP type season when you have the players around you that Derrick has. He has guys on this team that know their role and they play it well (Lil Wayne lyric for you).

This years Bulls team reminds me a lot of the teams from when I was growing up. They have Derrick Rose acting as their Michael Jordan/Steve Kerr. He’ll do whatever it takes to win. That’s why I believe he should be the MVP. I have it as a mixture of Michael and Steve Kerr because Rose can shoot the ball fairly well and then quickly slice through the lane, get to the bucket and gets the shot up that he wants. Then they have Luol Deng doing his best Scottie Pippen impression averaging just over 17 PPG this season. In my opinion, Carlos Boozer plays a lot like a Dennis Rodman/Horace Grant duo. He can score, averaging 17.5 PPG as well as rebound averaging 9.6 rebounds per game.

I am not by any means a Bulls fans, but I have to admit that they’re a ton of fun to watch. They play with so much heart while riding their superhero Derrick Rose to the finish. Role players such as Kyle Korver, Keith Bogans, and Taj Gibson help the Bulls so much. I believe wholeheartedly that the Bulls will win the championship this season and I have to admit that I’ll be kind of let down if they don’t.

Derrick Rose may not be the MVP at the end of the season but he certainly should be. A lot of analysts say that Dwight Howard should be MVP. That’s ridiculous. Any player that can manage to get suspended for having too many technical fouls should NEVER be in the MVP discussion. As you ponder who you think should be MVP, check out this video below of Derrick Rose highlights. It’s guaranteed to change your mind if you’re not a Derrick Rose believer already.


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