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This is Blue 2. The Official Butler University Mascot. While many just see a cute little dog that wanders the sidelines at the Final Four, Blue 2 is really so much more. This English Bulldog has his own YouTube Channel, Twitter account, and a Flickr photostream with over 5,000 photos.

With Butler being such a small school with about 5,000 students, its amazing how popular one little canine can become. Yahoo even posted an article today noting that AP Player of the Year and BYU standout Jimmer Fredette was being overshadowed by Blue 2 at the Final Four on Saturday in Houston with more fans wanting to meet the little guy instead of the future NBA draft pick.

So what makes this bulldog so interesting?

People love to see happy animals and this very well may be the happiest. A quick look at some of his pictures will show people always taking time to pet him and he always seems to be eating.

Each year they throw a huge birthday party and Blue always gets to just dig into the cake. There is also an old video of him in a little swimming pool and you can just see the excitement in the puppy’s face.


The dog’s handlers also do an amazing job giving the dog personality through social media. A lot of the posts include a little baby boy they call “baby bro”.  Many of the pictures show the two “brothers” sleeping alongside each other which results in what some would call “infinite cuteness”.

It would take a long time to highlight all the great pictures and video this bulldog has shared with his fans. I would just recommend giving him a follow on his Twitter account @ButlerBlue2 as he is sure to be posting Monday night as Butler faces UConn in the National Championship.

-Joshua Bowles (@Hoosier43)