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Newspaper, radio, television, the Internet, Twitter. Four of those things were the primary news sources that were available. However, Twitter has taken breaking news to an entire new level. This is particularly true in the world of athletics.

I follow many athletes, coaches, sport personalities and sport journalists. In fact, a majority of the people I follow are sport related. Some of the most breaking news is brought forth through these people. When Kevin Love tweeted that Kevin McHale would not be the coach of the Timberwolves this season, that was exclusive news that only Love was supposed to know. With Twitter, the world found out about this way before they should have.

Another element of Twitter is the drama it can create between sport characteristics. A recent example is the Twitter scrap between New York Jet Antonio Cromartie and Seattle Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck.

Cromartie was very testy when Hasselbeck called him out

Cromartie has been very verbal in regards to the collective bargaining agreement talks between the NFLPA and the NFL owners. Matt Hasselbeck questioned Cromartie’s knowledge on the subject in a tweet, and Cromartie retaliated by saying he would fight Hasselbeck. The drama that can occur between athletes or anybody for that matter on Twitter is very enjoyable for the average person to watch.

Drama = entertainment, and Twitter has a lot of drama. Now, is all of the drama that unfolds good for sports? That is a great question. I personally think it adds an entire new element to sports and is a great innovation that if used properly can be very beneficial to athletes, managers, etc. Some would definitely disagree with that, but that is how I see Twitter in sports.

Here is a video of a fan that thinks Twitter is terrible for sports. He makes some valid points, but in the end, I still think Twitter is beneficial in the sporting world.